Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Vote every day for blog awards


Another PUMA group, No Quarter was nominated for: Best Political Coverage. They are up against Daily Kos. Vote here:

For Best Liberal Blog, vote for The Confluence here

For Best New Blog, vote for Uppity Woman here

For Best Small Blog, vote for Nice Deb here

For Best Hidden Gem, vote for Deadenders here

For Best Political Coverage vote for NoQuarterusa here

Forwarded from PumaPac.org

The Weblog Awards are a respected organization that helps support a thriving, quality blog-world. Two of our Puma blog allies, Riverdaughter and Uppity Woman, have been nominated in two different categories. We think they deserve the recognition even being nominated imparts. BUT, it turns out that both of them are running STRONG -- The Confluence is running a STRONG second, and Uppity is WINNING!

The bad news is that The Confluence's main competition -- Wonkette -- appears to be cheating. Read more here:


This is really unacceptable. It's not only unfair to our friend, it's also unfair to the other worthy nominees, AND it undermines the purpose and value of the awards themselves.

In the end, cheaters never win. But in the short term, it stinks!

You can vote in the Weblog Awards once a day from any computer. Please support our Pumasphere bloggers and allies.

Please BE SURE to vote in the Best Small Blog category -- one of Puma PAC's stalker/hate sites is nominated in that category. Please vote AGAINST them by supporting Nice Deb (which is, in fact, a very nice blog.).

Here is Puma PAC's Suggested Slate of Blogs for the Weblog Awards.

REMEMBER: Vote Once A Day!

Best Liberal Blog: The Confluence.
Vote HERE:

Best Small Blog (vote AGAINST dumbtoast): Nice Deb.
Vote HERE:

Best New Blog: Uppity Woman.
Vote HERE:

Thank you, as always, for your continued support,


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