Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fox/Greta: What is with CNN [ re Palin ] - EASY POST

UPDATE: From Gretawire
I just talked to a source who told me that CNN, from its Political Director, through a Wolf Blitzer producer Jill Chappell emailed a PRIVATE apology to the Governor of Alaska for putting her (unfairly trashing her) on the list with Senator John (”my wife is in cancer remission so I figured it was ok to cheat on her”), Governor Elliott (” has anyone seen my other black sock? the dryer again?”) and others….and then blasting the unfair trashing around the world ! The producer emailed that she did not know about the trashing and neither did Wolf nor the Political Director.

UPDATE: See the Comment to this post for contact info at CNN and other good info. Thanks, ER!

CNN put out a list of "falling from grace in 2008″ and put Governor Palin on the list with (get ready!!) this group of men:

Senator John Edwards, Governor Elliott Spitzer… , Senator Ted Stevens convicted of crimes, …or how about Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick? convicted of felonies!!! and Governor Blago who is about to be indicted for alleging selling a Senate Seat that was occupied by our next President???

CNN thinks Governor Palin is like these guys? one of these guys? is that fair?  Let's KEEP CNN HONEST…
EASY POST. Wants name but no password etc. Post went right up on top.


ER said...

It’s hard to find CNN contact information to protest CNN’s inclusion of Governor Palin with the rogue gallery. From their website:

One CNN Center, Box 105366, Atlanta, GA 30303-5366
Phone: 404-827-1500
Fax: 404-827-1906
Email forms for all CNN news programs executives:

However, here's a website that looks interesting and a good resource for media contact information. You can search for media contacts here:

Here is the CNN contact information from the same site:

1950 Democrat said...

Thanks again, ER!

Apparently CNN has removed Palin from the rogue gallery, and claimed they have privately apologized. I'd like to thank Greta for that but I'm not sure which thread to do it on at Gretawire.