Sunday, January 11, 2009

DB: The Outrage over Ms. Magazine's Obama Cover

[On the first cover of Ms Magazine] A giant figure of Wonder Woman strides across the landscape, while the caption proclaims, "Wonder Woman for President." No small irony that, four decades later, when a real live wonder woman ran a tight race for the Democratic presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton was mysteriously absent from the cover of Ms. Nor did this real live wonder woman have the full support and endorsement of many of the women's groups that had sprung from the second wave of the women's rights movement.

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Anonymous said...

Not only does Ms. Magazine have such a cover, they are also PROMOTING AND SELLING A POSTER OF THE COVER . . .


1. TELL MS. MAGAZINE TO PULL THE COVER AND THE POSTER. Let them know what you think.

a) Write a Letter to the Editor:

b) Email their editors:
• Senior Editor, Michele Kort:
• Associate Editor Jessica Stites:
• Web Editor Alysse Bortolotto:
• Online News Editor Beth Soderberg:

c) Suggest content (e.g., an editorial on how inappropriate their cover is, what the real facts are, etc):

2. Call Ms. Magazine and let them know what you think. Toll Free: 1-800-787-1414 or 1-310-556-2515.

3. Contact their publisher: The publisher of Ms. Magazine is Liberty Media for Women, LLC which is owned by the Feminist Majority Foundation. There is also a form for comments here:

The Feminist Majority has East and West Coast Offices:
1600 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 801
Arlington, VA 22209
703-522-2219 (fax)

433 S. Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
310-556-2509 (fax)

3. Nominate the Ms. Magazine issue for NOW’s Media Hall of Shame.

4. Boycott Ms. Magazine and any products they advertise. Let the advertisers know you will be boycotting their products.

5. Perhaps most importantly, can all of the like-minded women’s organizations get together, write a press release, and sign a letter from all? It would send a powerful message if a number of women’s organizations and groups were involved and spoke together in one voice.

Together we are strong!

Elle B. Jarvis said...

Ms. magazine is dead on. Enough of this men are evil approach to feminism. Finally, we have someone in the White House who identifies with women, who speaks openly about his love for his daughters and his wife and the type of world he feels all young girls deserve to live in.

Instead of protesting Ms., who continues to be on the forefront of what logical, real women, are thinking, why not advocate for single mothers, wives who have been widowed as a result of this ungodly war, the millions of women around the world who don't have access to food, clean water, and medical treatment for themselves or their children?

For some of us, just merely being a woman doesn't make you the best candidate for the job. For some of us just merely being a man doesn't equate to the anti christ.

Anonymous said...

i'm one of the biggest feminists on the block and i LOVE this much so that i am getting a subscription to MS. (something i haven't had since college...think ERA era of Iowa politics...early 90's)...

p.s. i was a hillary supporter...and still help her to pay down her debt..and still proudly wear her gear...

if anything, this helps people see that the word feminist is not a four letter word...


Zoe said...

I have been reading Ms. since it was first released, it has been a way for me to be proud of the strength of women, that we can be respected and noticed without the input of men. I believe that Barak Obama on the cover is simply giving coverage and power to him, to all men. It is presenting to societies around the world that we supposedly need men for the success of the magazine, for the success of women. Hasn't Obama had enough covers ? Enough media ?

And is there anything as a true male feminist ? I don't believe that exists. They always have the upper hand and can always hide the fact that they may even think about it. And is he going to pass laws about equal pay ? Is he going to guarantee women's right to choose? Is he going to work to have true equality ? We have no proof of that except for expectations.

Why didn't Ms. put a photo of Michelle Robinson Obama on the cover or maybe her daughters and have an interview with them ? Why not Hillary Rodham Clinton?

I have been an avid reader, a subscriber, a person that supported Ms. through the difficult times because of what they provided all these years. I am feeling as though with this cover and article they have sold-out, taken power away from women and provided another stage for men.

Anonymous said...

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