Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Boston Globe: [ re Favreau again, EASY POST ]

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I'll try to add more contact info at the Globe as a comment to this alert.

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1950 Democrat said...

[ Lifted from ER's comment at January 11th, 2009 5:02 pm at ]

The lead article in today’s Boston Globe Magazine, “Can Political Speeches Make a Difference? Just Words,” edifies Jon Favreau and his relationship with Obama.
This article is brought to you by the same reporter, Charles Pierce, and the same publication that honored “the Groper” Jon Favreau as one of 6 “Bostonians of the Year” in their December 21st issue. You can find that article here:
Although the article isn’t about Favreau specifically, his name is mentioned eight times in the last portion of the article. Quote from today’s article:
“Only after working on John Kerry’s campaign in 2004 did Favreau meet and begin writing speeches for Barack Obama, and, like Sorensen and John Kennedy, the two men worked so closely together in so many places for so long around the country that Favreau soon found his voice indistinguishable from Obama’s.”
It’s frustrating that the Boston Globe Magazine has not printed any of the Letters to the Editor protesting Favreau’s selection as a Bostonian of the Year. Perhaps they plan to print a letter later (they printed letters about their December 14th issue today). . . 67 people had commented on the December 21st Favreau article, many negatively.
The Boston Globe itself (not the Boston Globe Magazine which selected Favreau as a Bostonian of the Year) printed one very short letter on Christmas eve (guaranteed not to have many readers), but that letter has been removed from their website.
1. Let’s keep the issue alive. Send your Letters to the Editor at the Boston Globe to both addresses below:
• Boston Globe Magazine, Letter to the Editor: or by mail at: The Boston Globe Magazine/Letters, PO Box 55819, Boston, MA 02205-5819.
• The Boston Globe newspaper, Letter to the Editor: or online at:
2. Send your comments and letters to those involved:
• Doug Most, Editor of the Globe magazine: phone: (617) 929-3454
• Charles P. Pierce is the reporter who wrote the article on Favreau: phone: (617) 929-2724
• Susanne Althoff, Senior Assistant Editor: phone: (617) 929-1543
3. Go to the Boston Globe Magazine and COMMENT on the article:
4. Copy your letter or email to your Senators and Representatives. Ask them to take up the issue of sexism in the media and to ask Obama to fire Favreau. You can find your elected officials’ contact information here:
5. Invite all of your like-minded friends and colleagues to join The New Agenda.