Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fox/Greta: “CNN-GATE” - why not a PUBLIC apology? [ to Palin ]

[CNN] emailed a PRIVATE apology to the Governor of Alaska for putting her (unfairly trashing her) on the list with [Edwards, Spritzer, etc] ....  The producer emailed that she did not know about the trashing and neither did Wolf nor the Political Director.
1/ why didn't CNN PUBLICLY apologize for this one? they sure unfairly trashed her publicly on that list….should not exposure of the apology equal the round the world exposure of the unfair trashing?  That is what is done in court - you do what is necessary to make the person whole in the damage done to the person…and then it is over.

2/ a producer? why did she get stuck doing the dirty work on this one?  why didn't someone higher up the corporate food chain  send the message of apology if CNN really means it? the job stature of the person making the apology can mean much.  This IS the Governor of the largest state…a former candidate for VP….and the trashing went world wide and was really lousy….

(and yes, mistakes can be made….but how you respond to your mistakes says much about the person or the news organization.)

Box at the bottom. EASY POST. No password, just asked for a name (and kept mine from last alert).

[ Contact info for CNN is in both Comments below here. - tdo ]


1950 Democrat said...

er said...
It’s hard to find CNN contact information to protest CNN’s inclusion of Governor Palin with the rogue gallery. From their website:

One CNN Center, Box 105366, Atlanta, GA 30303-5366
Phone: 404-827-1500
Fax: 404-827-1906
Email forms for all CNN news programs executives:

However, here's a website that looks interesting and a good resource for media contact information. You can search for media contacts here:

Here is the CNN contact information from the same site:

1950 Democrat said...

try these emails for cnn!!! not sure if they all work, but I'm pretty certain several are good.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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