Friday, January 30, 2009

WP: Democrats Among Stimulus Skeptics

Alice M. Rivlin, who was President Bill Clinton's budget director, suggested splitting the plan, implementing its immediate stimulus components now and taking more time to plan the longer-term transformative spending to make sure it is done right.

"Such a long-term investment program should not be put together hastily and lumped in with the anti-recession package. The elements of the investment program must be carefully planned and will not create many jobs right away," said Rivlin, a fellow at the Brookings Institution. The risk, she said, is that "money will be wasted because the investment elements were not carefully crafted."

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Fox: Palin to Come to Washington in Hopes of Talk With Obama

 She said 'no', her SarahPac does not commit her to running for president; she IS going to the prestigious Alfalfa dinner to meet Obama. ]

"No. Not at all. Not at all. No. It's helpful to have a PAC so when I'm invited to things, even like to speak at the Lincoln Day dinner in Fairbanks, to have the PAC pay for that instead of have the state pay for that because that could be considered quasi-political," she said.

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

UK paper: Arrogant at home, naive abroad. America is already suffering 'buyer's regret' over Obama

During the transition from the Bush administration to the new administration - that is, during the weeks in which Obama kept near-quiet and had to do nothing - his ratings in the Gallup opinion poll were 83 percent. After just three days in office, Gallup showed his support had already dropped by 15 points to 68 percent.
Iranian president Ahmadinejad replied .... with a fierce demand that he wouldn't talk to Obama until the Americans had issued an apology - ie, grovelled - for unspecified 'crimes' and had withdrawn all their troops from all other countries.

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Article is here.

ABC: Obama Signs Equal Pay for Equal Work Bill

Calling pay equity not a women's issue but a family issue, President Obama today signed a new bill seeking to end decades-long pay disparities between men and women.

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politico: Senator Schumer Standing Up for Gillibrand..

Paterson made the final call on Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand, a blonde-bobbed 42-year-old former corporate lawyer with right-of-center positions on guns and immigration. 

But Schumer never made a secret he admired Gillibrand's fundraising prowess

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

politico: Press, public need to keep Obama open

The public and the press have been at odds lately. Yet when it comes to pressing Obama on coupling transparency with public interaction, as the saying goes, we are the ones we've been waiting for.

LAT: The GOP countdown to 2012: Sarah Palin forms a PAC

The creation of such a financial entity commits her to nothing. But such a political action committee will allow Palin to position herself to compete by legally collecting donations to travel and speak on her own behalf (Iowa is a long snow machine ride from Wasilla). 

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Chi Trib: SarahPAC

After catapulting to fame last year as Republican presidential candidate John McCain's running mate, Palin is widely believed to be eyeing a presidential bid in 2012. Aides said that SarahPAC will help serve as a vehicle for her political activities going forward.,0,6390407.story

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Staten Island paper: Voters blame Caroline Kennedy for Senate controversy

Forty-nine percent of those polled felt she and her aides were to blame, while 15 percent pointed the finger at Gov. David Paterson and his team. Twelve percent of voters surveyed felt both camps mishandled the situation. [says Quinnipiac poll]
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ABC: Secretary Clinton Greets the Press - EASY POST

 Then, the woman who seems far more comfortable with policy talk than small talk sat down at a small table with reporters and took questions for fifteen minutes.


Other articles at the same page, same easy post:

URGENT - CALL CONGRESS re Family Planning vote Tues

WASHINGTON – House Democrats are likely to jettison family planning funds for the low-income from an $825 billion economic stimulus bill, officials said late Monday, following a personal appeal from President Barack Obama at a time the administration is courting Republican critics of the legislation.

Several officials said a final decision was expected on Tuesday [....]

Several Democrats said Monday night that Obama had spoken personally with Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., about removing the provision. Waxman is chairman of the committee with jurisdiction over Medicaid and a close ally of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

Waxman's contacts:
(202) 225-3976 (phone)
(202) 225-4099 (fax)

(323) 651-1040 (phone) 
(818) 878-7400 (phone) 
(310) 652-3095 (phone) 
(323) 655-0502 (fax)

Monday, January 26, 2009

politico: [ Gillibrand has a re-election fund for 2010. ]

Gillibrand informed the Federal Election Committee today that she will be closing her House campaign committee and creating a Senate fundraising committee, which allows her to begin raising money to seek a full term.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Alaska DN - GOOD INFO - Palin unveils state energy goals

"the most ambitious renewable energy goals in the nation" ....
The community guide is a primer on alternative energy sources as well as an inventory for projects. For example, the accompanying documentation shows that Scammon Bay, a mile from the Bering Sea in western Alaska, has the potential for a wind-diesel hybrid project, and that 700 miles to the northeast on the Yukon River, the village of Circle has potential for generating electricity with geothermal resources.
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[ The usual anon sources, but there are several stories here to comment on. ]
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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Newsweek: [ Will Bower ] Holding Out in Hillaryland - still need PUMA support

Bower, who is now living off of savings to work full time on what he calls his "labor of love," has focused his efforts on reforming the primary system, which he says is undemocratic. 

[ Long interview with Bower. ]
Comments are still going on here. Need more Puma support for Will Bower.
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Friday, January 23, 2009

politico: She’s not Miss Popularity [ Gillibrand ]

Kirsten Gillibrand is a hard-charger who has risen far and fast — but her aggressiveness hasn't endeared her to fellow House members — and gun control advocate Carolyn McCarthy isn't the only one.
"She's smart and capable but she's rubbed people the wrong the way," said another.

Newsday: Kirsten Gillibrand named to fill Hillary Clinton's Senate seat

Gillibrand also said she will advocate for [gay] marriage equality and women's rights. .... [She] was lauded Friday by the Empire Pride Agenda, abortion rights activists and the women's advocacy group New Agenda.

New Agenda president Amy Siskind called Gillibrand's appointment "bold," "sensible," and "substantive." 

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fox/Greta: Statement / Caroline Kennedy EASY POST

"Caroline Kennedy withdrew her name for consideration from the United States Senate for personal reasons. Any statements to the contrary are false. The governor set up a fair and deliberative selection process. This kind of mudslinging demeans that process and all those involved." [ from CK's spokesman ]

The leaks that she had, allegedly, tax and nanny problems, reportedly came from Paterson's camp.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

NYT and Politico re CK withdrawing

Ms. Kennedy appeared to waver on whether to withdraw, and was preparing a statement reasserting her interest in the job. But just after midnight, she decided to make clear she was taking her name out of consideration and released the statement saying so. [....]
Publicly and privately, Mr. Paterson has talked about the importance of selecting a woman to replace Mrs. Clinton, which could boost such candidates as Ms. Gillibrand, Representative Carolyn B. Maloney, and Randi Weingarten, the president of the United Federation of Teachers.

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Politico's version is confusing. Update is at the bottom of the story but the headline still says she's in.
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

NY Daily: Hillary Clinton to supporters: You'll always be by my side

"As I take the first step on the next path in our journey, I know
you'll be right there with me, as always, in my heart and by my side,"
Clinton said in a farewell message Sunday to the backers of her failed
presidential bid.
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Newsweek: Holding Out in Hillaryland

On Tue, Jan 20, 2009 at 7:02 PM, tlatexaspuma <> wrote:

 Interview with Will Bower.

NEWSWEEK: Is PUMA still active?

Bower: Yes. People feel like we don't have a clear objective. The
problem is we have many clear objectives. During the 2008 primaries,
so many things went wrong and we were inspired by so many of them–
primary reform, misogyny in media, media reform … There are many
different PUMAs [dedicated to different issues].

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newsday: Paterson nears naming Clinton replacement - EASY POST

Gov.  Paterson hopes to announce a replacement for Hillary Rodham Clinton this weekend so the appointee can be seated in the U.S. Senate as early as Monday. .... don't seem to stay with the same pick for a period of time. I've tried seeing how it works with different scenarios," he added. "I just haven't settled on (an appointee) yet.",0,6243262.story

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Story has two polls where we can vote.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Gov Paterson on Hillary's Senate seat - still time

Paterson is still deciding who he will appoint to Hillary's Senate seat; will decide c. Jan 22.

An easy form for emailing Paterson:

More info and a letter draft with links to many articles:

NY Village Voice: Bloomberg Maneuvers to Crown a Kennedy - EASY POST

The dissembling that misrepresents Kennedy's DOE service has been extended to every phase of her life. She told the Times: "I've written seven books—two on the Constitution, two on American politics." But she's penned only two (both with a co-author who is, unlike her, a legal scholar), and edited five others that were collections of everything from her mother's favorite poems to other writers' essays about political courage. She has repeatedly referred to herself as a lawyer in her recent appearances, though she's never practiced law and even let her registration with the Bar Association lapse for years.

[ Very long informative article about CK and NY politics. - PR ]

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

[ Albany paper ] Paterson ponders Clinton's successor

The finalists ...appear to include Caroline Kennedy, state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, Nassau County Executive Thomas Suozzi and Reps. Steve Israel, D-Nassau County, and Kirsten Gillibrand, D-Hudson, Columbia County.

Paterson downplayed that the selection is between Kennedy and Cuomo, two scions of famous political families with the highest name recognition. In statewide polls this week, Cuomo pulled ahead of Kennedy as the top pick among voters.

"My job is not to pick the person who is popular today, it's the person who is going to be popular in 2010," Paterson said on WFAN-AM radio in New York City.

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WP: Exit Bush, Shoes Flying

 Obama is consciously creating a gulf between what he now dismissively calls "campaign rhetoric" and the policy choices he must make as president. Accordingly, Newsweek -- Obama acolyte and scourge of everything Bush/Cheney -- has on the eve of the Democratic restoration miraculously discovered the arguments for warrantless wiretaps, enhanced interrogation and detention without trial. 

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politico: Obama may not lift stem cell limits

Obama pledged during the campaign to lift the restrictions [ on stem cell research ], and political observers had expected him to move swiftly to reverse President Bush's 2001 executive order – most likely with his own executive order.

But the president-elect suggested Friday that he would wait for Congress to weigh in on the issue.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Village Voice: Albany Cools toward Kennedy, Catches Gillibrand Fever

If [Gillibrand] weren't being seriously considered, no one would bother to float rumors that she can't be picked because she and Nancy Pelosi don't get along-- nor would others (including Pelosi) push back on that story.

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Newsday: Paterson to name Clinton successor after inauguration - now EASY POST

He is known to have interviewed about 15 potential senators, including Caroline Kennedy, Nassau County Executive Thomas Suozzi, Rep. Steve Israel (D-Huntington), Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-Hudson), Assemb. Daniel O'Donnell (D-Manhattan), and Maloney. Crain's New Yorkeditorial touting Maloney, and Marcia Pappas, president of the state chapter of the National Organization for Women, was on hand.

Asked if she was disappointed in polls showing that voters strongly favor Cuomo and Kennedy, Maloney said, "Cuomo and Kennedy are very recognizable names from their family connections, the service of their fathers and others. Maloney is not a well-known name. My father was not a rich and famous person. I'm a hardworking woman." 

.... Cuomo faked radio static when asked on TALK 1300 AM if he was interested in the Senate job. "I'm sorry we have a bad connection," he said.,0,4279201.story
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Newsday/Topix: State pols defend Caroline Kennedy's qualifications

[ A misleading headline, as comments have pointed out. - PR ]

 They also emphasized that their defense of her shouldn't be interpreted as an endorsement, and they heaped praised on other Senate contenders, such as state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

USNews/Erbe: SEVERAL EASY POSTS - Racism Wanes and Sexism Thrives, Roland Burris and Caroline Kennedy Show

First and foremost, [CK] had the class not to play the gender card, and Burris lacked the class to stay away from playing the race card. Second, Burris is replacing Barack Obama, the only African-American in the U.S. Senate. There are 17 female members of that exclusive club.

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Also at the site:

and other articles of interest.

Boston Globe: [ re Favreau again, EASY POST ]

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I'll try to add more contact info at the Globe as a comment to this alert.

ABC/Tapper: EASY POST - Sacre Bleu! Le Monde Publishes Never-Before-Seen 1996 Interview With Obamas About Their Marriage

Sitting down to talk about their future the same year Obama eventually ended up running for state senate (and winning), his wife Michelle in the interview expresses reservations about whether a life in politics is what they want. 

And while her husband is less uncertain of his calling, he wonders aloud about his ability to maintain a balance between private and public life. He also sounds out some notes about restoring civility in discourse to public life and the notion that we're all in this together, themes that have stayed with him throughout his career up through this week.

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[ Some ammunition re Obama's 1996 state senate chair is posted as a comment right here. - PR ]

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fox: Palin Fascination, Scorn Shows No Sign of Receding

Sarah Palin continues to attract criticism as well as admiration.
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politico: [ praises Hillary at confirmation hearing ]

Clinton exhibited a staggering range of foreign policy knowledge, declaring a new era of American diplomacy and coining a new phrase — "smart power" — to describe an Obama-Clinton approach that blends ideology and realpolitik in equal measure.

[ Admin at says 'smart power' is Hillary's term and Obama deserves no credit for it. - tdo ]

politico: [ re Burris vs CK ]

How come Roland Burris has had such an easy time getting to the U.S. Senate while Caroline Kennedy has had such a hard time?

Newsweek on Hillary Clinton--sexist throughout 1/13/09 issue!

Newsweek hasn't finished beating up on Hillary Clinton yet.  The Jan. 13, 2009 issue I just received today is dripping with nasty, gratuitous slams, from the comment about her SOS nomination hearings to the comment on p. 59 about "24's" new Madame President:  "Hillary Will Be Soooooo Jealous."
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politico: NYT reporter warns of one-term Obama

If his stimulus plan "doesn't work out, he may very well be a one-term president," said Jeff Zeleny, who covered Obama's campaign. "It's hard to imagine that he could be reelected if the economy's in the exact same position four years from now."

Monday, January 12, 2009

Reach Gov Paterson about Hillary's replacement.

Easy commenting for Paterson about Hillary's replacement. Reallly easy.

Newsmax: Obama's Intelligence Adviser Involved in Security Breach

Obama's top terrorism and intelligence adviser, John O. Brennan, heads a firm that was cited in March for breaching sensitive files in the
State Department's passport office, according to a State Department
Inspector General's report released this past July.Sources who tracked the investigation tell Newsmax that the main target of the breach was the Obama passport file, and that the contractor accessed the file in order to "cauterize" the records of potentially embarrassing

The passport files include "personally identifiable information such
as the applicant's name, gender, social security number, date and
place of birth, and passport number," according to the inspector
general report.

Very interesting article, mention US Supreme Court case Jan 23 on
Obama citizenship. Newsmax talking about Jan 23 Lightfoot v. Bowen

Boston Herald: Caller wants Caroline Kennedy to work for her post

 "I am very much a Democrat, she said, but I proudly cast my vote for the McCain-Palin ticket. We just elected a man who did not serve even one full term in the Senate? And he's going to be our president in another week? I am so sick of these powerful, rich people who feel they're entitled to anything they want. Just because she has a famous name, what makes her deserving?"
-- Caller that voted for McCain/Palin.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Put Ms. Magazine in NOW's "Media Hall of Shame"

DB: Sarah Palin, the Sequel

An easily-debunked hit piece on Sarah Palin by Christopher Buckley. Readable, literate, dishonest.

DB: The Outrage over Ms. Magazine's Obama Cover

[On the first cover of Ms Magazine] A giant figure of Wonder Woman strides across the landscape, while the caption proclaims, "Wonder Woman for President." No small irony that, four decades later, when a real live wonder woman ran a tight race for the Democratic presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton was mysteriously absent from the cover of Ms. Nor did this real live wonder woman have the full support and endorsement of many of the women's groups that had sprung from the second wave of the women's rights movement.

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politico: Code Pink getting worried about Obama

This is about Code Pink being worried about Obama's real agenda. I guess they bundled $50,000-100,000 for him because they believed the half-truths that he sorta said or they THOUGHT he sorta said. Duh.

[ Lifted from Murphy at - tdo ]

ABC: Obama Will Eat Like Lincoln on Inauguration Day

On Inauguration Day, not only will President-elect Obama be sworn in using the Bible that was used to swear in President Abraham Lincoln, he will dine like Lincoln as well. 
On the Saturday before his inauguration, Mr. Obama will also travel by train to Washington, D.C., starting in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, where that other lanky Illinoisan spoke while traveling from Springfield, Ill., in 1861. 

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

CNN: Showbiz "Question of the Day" Poll supports Palin

Showbiz Question of the Day
Sarah Palin's New Interview: Did Tina Fey and Katie Couric exploit her?

So far the poll supports Palin 60-40. They have a link for 'email comments' but I don't think the comments would be published.

[ Media is trying to do some damage control over Palin's latest interview bashing MSM. - Kat ]

Friday, January 9, 2009

Ms. Magazine Obama cover

Ms. Magazine is advertising an upcoming issue (content not released yet) with a cover depicting Obama as a 'feminist.'

Editorial Staff of MS. Magazine:

[some of them have direct links at

Executive Editor Katherine Spillar 
Managing Editor Michel Cicero 
Senior Editor Michele Kort 
Guest Editor Mary Ellen Strote 
Global Editor Robin Morgan 
Associate Editor Jessica Stites 
Copy Editor Sarah Chung 
Proofreader Miriam Jacobson
****Consulting Editor Gloria Steinem 
Money Editor Martha Burk 
****Columnist Donna Brazile

Press Inquires
Emily Pudalov
310.556.2500 ext. 120

Letters to the Editor


Content Suggestions

For advertising requests or questions contact Jelena Tadic by phone at 310.435.9355 or by e-mail, Please contact Ms.magazine's main office at 310.556.2515 for editorial and all other general questions.

1600 Wilson Blvd. #801
Arlington, VA 22209
703.522.4201 phone
703.522.2219 fax



PJM: Where Are Obama’s ‘New Politics’? - EASY POST

Candidate Barack Obama ran on the slogan of "New Politics." He never quite said what that meant, but we got the idea. Government would be less contentious, less opaque, and less dominated by political cronies and special interests. 

[ A long article with many groups and issues mentioned -- except women's. However some women we know are correcting that in comments. :-) - tdo ]
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politico: Lei-off: Obama snubs Dean

The conspicuous absence of Howard Dean from Thursday's press
conference announcing Tim Kaine's appointment as Democratic National
Committee chairman was no accident, according to Dean loyalists.

Great article. We've posted here before

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: tlatexaspuma <>

POLL: Was Gov. Sarah Palin treated unfairly by the media during the presidential election campaign?

Go take the poll at MSNBC: So far 57% agree with Palin, 41% disagree
with Palin that she was treated unfairly by the media during the

Weblog Awards: VOTE Here! Takes 2 min!

I have a link for all the PUMA related Weblog Award finalists.

PLEASE vote daily and share this link with as many people as you can!

Vote here:

Thank you!  xo. - from Kat

CNN: Palin takes digs at Fey, Couric - EASY POST

Palin also faulted the McCain campaign for agreeing to a series of sit-downs with Couric after the first one appeared to go so poorly
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Thursday, January 8, 2009

politico: Palin: Media goes easy on Kennedy

"I've been interested to see how Caroline Kennedy will be handled and if she will be handled with kid gloves or if she will be under such a microscope," Palin told conservative filmmaker John Ziegler during an interview Monday for his upcoming documentary film, "How Obama Got Elected." Excerpts from the interview were posted on YouTube Wednesday evening. 

breitbart: A Revealing Morning With Sarah Palin - EASY POST

Governor Palin did this interview (while rejecting hundreds of other requests) is because of her sincere devotion to setting the record straight on what really happened during the campaign and to determine why the news coverage was as dangerously slanted as it so clearly was.
EASY POST, NO LOGIN. Comment box at the bottom, just asked for a name and an email.

dailybeast: The Truth About Rick Warren's AIDS in Africa Work - GOOD INFO

Team Obama likes to cite Warren's work on AIDS in Africa to combat criticism about the controversial pastor. But how does burning condoms in the name of Jesus save lives?

[ A long, serious, well-researched, and very informative article. - tdo ]
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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

LAT: Things promoted worse than the idea of Sen. Caroline Kennedy

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Kansas City: INFO & COMMENT Workplace legislation coming to a head in Congress

The U.S. House is expected to vote on, and probably pass, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and the Paycheck Fairness Act — two bills that would make it easier for workers to fight pay discrimination.

[ A third bill coming up: ]

•The Employee Free Choice Act, which would alter the way workers could vote to be represented by a union in their workplaces.

The free choice legislation would create collective bargaining rights in a workplace if a majority of workers sign up for the union. The so-called "card check" process would be much quicker than the current election process, which can take six weeks or longer. The bill would maintain the existing right to a union vote overseen by the National Labor Relations Board if one-third of the workers ask for a federally sponsored election.
Comment box at the bottom. Wants registration/login. 

Fox/Greta: “CNN-GATE” - why not a PUBLIC apology? [ to Palin ]

[CNN] emailed a PRIVATE apology to the Governor of Alaska for putting her (unfairly trashing her) on the list with [Edwards, Spritzer, etc] ....  The producer emailed that she did not know about the trashing and neither did Wolf nor the Political Director.
1/ why didn't CNN PUBLICLY apologize for this one? they sure unfairly trashed her publicly on that list….should not exposure of the apology equal the round the world exposure of the unfair trashing?  That is what is done in court - you do what is necessary to make the person whole in the damage done to the person…and then it is over.

2/ a producer? why did she get stuck doing the dirty work on this one?  why didn't someone higher up the corporate food chain  send the message of apology if CNN really means it? the job stature of the person making the apology can mean much.  This IS the Governor of the largest state…a former candidate for VP….and the trashing went world wide and was really lousy….

(and yes, mistakes can be made….but how you respond to your mistakes says much about the person or the news organization.)

Box at the bottom. EASY POST. No password, just asked for a name (and kept mine from last alert).

[ Contact info for CNN is in both Comments below here. - tdo ]

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

CNN: IN criminal probe of ACORN

 Indiana's secretary of state has requested a criminal investigation into the embattled community organizing group ACORN, which is accused of submitting hundreds of bogus voter registration forms in northern Lake County

ABC: Funds Tie Obama to Richardson Probe Figure

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fox/Greta: What is with CNN [ re Palin ] - EASY POST

UPDATE: From Gretawire
I just talked to a source who told me that CNN, from its Political Director, through a Wolf Blitzer producer Jill Chappell emailed a PRIVATE apology to the Governor of Alaska for putting her (unfairly trashing her) on the list with Senator John (”my wife is in cancer remission so I figured it was ok to cheat on her”), Governor Elliott (” has anyone seen my other black sock? the dryer again?”) and others….and then blasting the unfair trashing around the world ! The producer emailed that she did not know about the trashing and neither did Wolf nor the Political Director.

UPDATE: See the Comment to this post for contact info at CNN and other good info. Thanks, ER!

CNN put out a list of "falling from grace in 2008″ and put Governor Palin on the list with (get ready!!) this group of men:

Senator John Edwards, Governor Elliott Spitzer… , Senator Ted Stevens convicted of crimes, …or how about Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick? convicted of felonies!!! and Governor Blago who is about to be indicted for alleging selling a Senate Seat that was occupied by our next President???

CNN thinks Governor Palin is like these guys? one of these guys? is that fair?  Let's KEEP CNN HONEST…
EASY POST. Wants name but no password etc. Post went right up on top.

PJM: In Praise of Laura Bush [ by a PUMA ]

In her quiet, unassuming way, Laura Bush has championed women's issues around the world.

 Laura Bush has often been unfairly painted as a "typical Republican Stepford wife." [....]  The fact is that Laura Bush has been working in an unassuming manner for eight years, advancing many noteworthy causes — many of them related to women's rights.
Comment box at the bottom, my name was already on it.