Wednesday, January 14, 2009

ABC/Tapper: EASY POST - Sacre Bleu! Le Monde Publishes Never-Before-Seen 1996 Interview With Obamas About Their Marriage

Sitting down to talk about their future the same year Obama eventually ended up running for state senate (and winning), his wife Michelle in the interview expresses reservations about whether a life in politics is what they want. 

And while her husband is less uncertain of his calling, he wonders aloud about his ability to maintain a balance between private and public life. He also sounds out some notes about restoring civility in discourse to public life and the notion that we're all in this together, themes that have stayed with him throughout his career up through this week.

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[ Some ammunition re Obama's 1996 state senate chair is posted as a comment right here. - PR ]

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1950 Democrat said...

I posted this at the article:

[Obama]'winning' his 1996 race is a euphemism for 'getting all his opponents knocked off the ballot so he could 'run' unopposed.' He could not have won a vote against the incumbent "beloved elder stateswoman" Alice Palmer, so he made a vote impossible. Just as he could not win a vote against Hillary Clinton, so he maneuvered in the back rooms of Florida and Michigan and Denver to prevent her votes from being counted. (And Hillary still 'won' the exit polls; 9.5 million of McCain's voters preferred Hillary.)
Ref "Showing his bare knuckles" in a Chicago Tribune profile.