Wednesday, December 24, 2008

More places to post about Favreau

1. Kansas City Star article, "Meet Obama's Speechwriter":

3. The Charlotte Observer article, "Obama's word man has the world waiting":

4. Daily Contributor, "Jon Favreau: Obama's Speech Writer":

5. And, of course, the Boston Globe article anointing Favreau as one of 6 Bostonian's of the Year. There are some great comments here if you need ideas, and the site is still taking comments:


A Supporter said...

Voice your opinion on Favreau to Obama's transition team.


Right now, the Obama transition team is soliciting questions from the public via their website: . Visitors may "vote" for the best questions, which will apparently be responded to by the Obama team. In addition, you can submit your own questions –i.e., read: we can all ask questions about what Obama plans to do for women.

Instructions for Voting / Submitting Questions:

1. Visit

2. Click the small "Sign In" text near the bottom of the screen. Sign-in with your email and password on the right. (If you haven't signed-in before, just fill out the short form on the left.)

3. In the search box on the left side of the screen, you can type in “FAVREAU” or “WOMEN”. This will take you to questions on Favreau and on women’s issues.

4. To vote for the questions you would like the Obama transition team to address, click the small "check" box beside it. Or, click the “X” if you don’t like the question, or consider it irrelevant.

THE BOTTOM LINE HERE is that we can post and ‘vote’ on comments on Favreau, and also on questions that will help advance women’s issues. The more ‘votes’ the good questions get, the better.

5. To Submit a question, click the "submit a question" box at the bottom of the screen and type it in.

This is an opportunity to have some input. I encourage everyone to go to the website and use your voice.

Need to do it SOON, as the transition team often has very short comment periods.

P.S. This is also a great way to keep the Favreau issue alive!

Anonymous said...

UPDATE on Favreau’s mental processes:

Favreau is dating a former underwear model who has been hired as an aide to a White House Deputy Chief of Staff. . . Here’s the article:

Some of the comments in response to the article are interesting (the article is from a British newspaper).

And several people note that the phrase “Yes we can” was swiped from Bob the Builder . . .