Thursday, January 14, 2010

phoning for Coakley

Massachusetts State Senate President Therese Murray, co-chair of the Coakley campaign, said, "Special elections have notoriously low turnouts and our phone from home program can make the difference to ensure that voters know the importance of securing a victory for Martha Coakley and women throughout the country. Activists can join the program by contacting Kate Foster at [ phone redacted]"

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Anonymous said...

No way, jose. Let Obama's movement do it for a change. Will puma's always come to their rescue? I know I sure as hell won't be coming to their rescue anymore. I knocked on doors for the PARTY and not just candidates. Then they think they can treat Hillary like that and we'll come crawling back and then do so much as to phone bank for them so Obama can have a democratic super majority? are you kidding me? Let his movement do it, he just sent a message to them over email asking them to help. it's their turn.