Friday, January 15, 2010

Boston Globe: Brown's failure

Brown's amendment would have added to rape victims' trauma and made a mockery of the emergency contraception law.  [....] Here's what members of his own party said about his amendment back then, before voting to defeat it.

"I can't believe what we're doing to this bill,'' said then-minority leader Brian Lees, who called it, "a poison pill amendment. . . . I can't believe that you're going to say [this] to your constituents who've been through a traumatic experience.''

Senator Richard Tisei said: "I can't recall another instance where we've basically said, 'This is the law, and it's OK not to follow it.' . . . It doesn't make any sense.''

Now, you'd think a state senator would remember being publicly reamed by members of his own party, right? Or recall his own shaky defense of his proposal, which he said he put forward "just for conversation.''

Nope. On Tuesday night, When Janet Wu of WCVB-TV asked him if he'd sponsored the amendment, Brown said: "I have to check. I don't know. It was so long ago.''
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[ FYI MA Senate records show that Brown wrote and filed the amendment himself. ]

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