Friday, March 13, 2009

Boston Globe: Many Boston teens surveyed say Rihanna is at fault for assault

The Boston Globe published a horrifying article today titled "Many Boston teens surveyed say Rihanna is at fault for assault". The article reports the results of a survey conducted by the Boston Public Health Commission.
Here are a few quotes:

" Nearly half of the 200 Boston teenagers interviewed for an informal poll said pop star Rihanna was responsible for the beating she allegedly took at the hands of her boyfriend, fellow music star Chris Brown, in February."

"Health counselors are specifically concerned with teenagers' views of the controversy. Of the teens questioned, more than half said both Brown, 19, and Rihanna, 21, were equally responsible for the assault. More than half said the media were treating Brown unfairly, and 46 percent said Rihanna was responsible for the incident."

 Comment on the Boston Globe article here. (Need to counter the few idiotic comments posted there).do:

We've had alerts here before. 


Apparently there are even worse videos and evidence here that you can utilize (scroll down their blog to find the post on this):

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this!


Please post your comments at the Boston Globe site in response to their article, ““Many Boston teens surveyed say Rihanna is at fault for assault”. We need to counter the incredibly misogynistic, dangerous views about violence against women being posted there now in much greater numbers!


2. Please pass this on to additional women's groups that can mobilize and take action.

3. Need more information? Brown’s abuse against Rihanna is even more horrific than that reported in the general media.

See “Unseen Rihanna Photos Are Worse” here:

More information here: