Thursday, April 2, 2009

LAT: EASY POST Michelle Obama gaffe: She touches the queen

It all started when the 82-year-old Queen Elizabeth, apparently smitten with the 45-year-old first lady, said she hoped they could stay in touch. And then the queen, who has met 12 U.S. presidents and any number of celebrities, broke royal etiquette herself by touching the first lady on the back. So, being an American, Mrs. Obama reciprocated the back-pat.


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Anonymous said...

Has anybody even noticed how MO gossled for attention at every pic. op. It is so ungraceful and uncivilized. Let me stand right here. I used to think Laura Bush was a too laid back. But now I see her instinctiveness in knowing how to let the President shine where to stand and become unintrusive. Not MO, she seems to be wanting the limelight. The most awkward moment was when she positioned her herself between the queen and king and literally disced the King who politely stood aside for her.
Very unclassy. Mrs. O's social secretary gets an "F" for not schooling her in the arts of being a First Lady. Comparing her to Jackie O, how inconcievable, scacreligious!