Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Greta considers closing Gretawire

 I see that many of you want me to keep GretaWire …and maybe I will…I will think about it. There are reasons to keep it, reasons to close it down and move on.  To keep it going  I need to figure out how to make it more fun, do things differently.  I was worried it was just getting old (it has been up and running for years)……and I also see lots of nasty comments here. I really don't feel like blogging with the haters.   I realize there are always a few jerks - haters - but because I am committed to the First Amendment I did not want to censor GretaWire (within some reason.)  I sort of hoped that the sickos would get bored and go away.  I know many of you want a registration system but that creates some headaches…. I might have to take GretaWire to another service to get that feature.   I really don't know much about registration (in fact I know nothing about it.) So let me think about all this including your comments…Fox has talked to me about making GretaWire into a website instead of a blog but that is fun only if I can devote the time I need to make it really fun.

Very easy commenting, no registration ... which may be the problem. :-(

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